“Director Nancy Schwartzman aims a damning light on the ways sexual assault victims are often more readily shamed than believed.”

“Grabs hold of you simply through the power of its subject.”

Victim/Suspect is a recommended film to stream by PEOPLE, Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, Polygon, San Francisco Chronicle and other outlets.

“The stories are infuriating, but the courage of victims to find justice is inspiring.”

“Netflix’s new documentary, Victim/Suspect, will make your blood boil with rage.”

“Victim/Suspect prompts viewers to expand on calls for reform within law enforcement and the criminal justice system, to reconsider the power held by those telling the story, and to ask whether doubt is ever a neutral stance.”

“The most damning aspect of ‘Victim/Suspect’ is the revelation that police officers are not only permitted in these circumstances to lie, but are encouraged to do so in order to gauge individuals’ reactions and elicit the truth.”

“Through several cases and a bounty of police interview footage, Victim/Suspect illustrates how systemic forces, a lack of training and boilerplate misogyny create a trap door for those reporting a sex crime.”

“By the end of Nancy Schwartzman’s Victim/Suspect, the shocking documentary released on May 23 on Netflix, it becomes crystal clear why anyone, no matter the evidence, would fear reporting rape to the police.”

“Continuing the searing, cinematic examination of sexual assault that she began with her 2018 feature documentary Roll Red Roll, director Nancy Schwartzman now trains her lens on the way that the police all too often incarcerate victims, rather than perpetrators. You would be forgiven for scratching your head in disbelief at that last phrase, but in Victim/Suspect, the unthinkable happens with alarming frequency.”

“It’s been of gift of Nancy Schwartzman’s to be able to put the pieces back together after a shattering event. In Victim/Suspect…the filmmaker pinpoints the flaws of the Reid Technique, an interrogation method first developed in the 1950s…”

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