The Victim/Suspect team is committed to working towards a world where no victim is treated like a suspect. Our impact campaign is collaborating with trusted partners to leverage the film towards this goal and make resources available to people who need them.

Would you like to work together? Please get in touch.

For individuals motivated to get involved, we encourage you to:


Inquire about the crime publication standards at your local news outlets. Victim/Suspect shows the damage caused by reporting crime based on police statements or sources only. This email template includes links to resources for outlets who don’t have a process in place for addressing this.


Share your story. With the team at Reveal, we’re offering a space for anyone who would like to share their experience with our team. This information will be shared with the Reveal Reporting Network, a group of trusted local newsrooms. If a reporter in one of these newsrooms has the availability to pursue your story, they will reach out to you directly.


Save and share these tips and red flags to watch for when reporting sexual assault. These quick reference tips can be saved in your phone – and we encourage everyone to take a deeper dive on the Resources page of our website.